Car Parking and Bridge Deck Waterproofing System

1 Substrate

2 Primer
KÖSTER CT 225 Bridge Deck Coating
3 Hot Bitumen

5 Backing rod

The KÖSTER Car Parking and Bridge Deck Waterproofing system consists of the two-component epoxy resin KÖSTER CT 225 Bridge Deck Coating and the elastic KÖSTER ECB 2F Waterproofing Membranes.

KÖSTER CT 225 Bridge Deck Coating is a thermally stable priming epoxy and is used to prepare the surfaces of concrete road sections, bridge decks, car parking decks and civil engineering structures for overworking with mastic asphalt according to ZTV-ING (part 7).

The waterproofing system that is applied directly onto this primer is based on KÖSTER ECB membranes made of a mixture of Ethylene Copolymer and a special bitumen. The KÖSTER ECB 2F is a membrane especially designed for the secure waterproofing of roads, Car Parking and bridge decks, according to the high german standards ZTV-ING (part 7). The KÖSTER ECB 2F membranes contain a centrally embedded glass fiber mesh and are additionally laminated with a polyester fleece on both sides in order to provide adhesion to the substrate below and to the upper structure. The application of KÖSTER ECB 2F membranes is carried out with hot bitumen.

For the compensation of movements between different concrete sections, it is necessary to install a two-layer membrane system above the joints, while a backing rod is placed in the chamfered joint section between the membranes.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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