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United Kingdom, London, Renovation of Exterior Walls of Basement Flat

The exterior walls of this residential basement flat in London were heavily salt and moisture laden and this had degraded the finishing plaster coat.

The contractor,Vasil Build, cleaned the brickwork and then repaired and repointed it using Koster Repair Mortar NC.

Once this was completed Polysil TG 500 was sprayed to prime the surface and the walls were coated with NB1 Grey mixed with SB Bonding Emulsion. The product was applied in two coats to achieve a waterproof surface. 

An exterior coat of Restoration Plaster 1 Grey was then applied and the finish was then painted white using Silicone Paint White.

Renovation of the Exterior Walls of a Basement Flat in London 
Kelleraußenabdichtungen mit mineralischen Abdichtungssystemen
Mauerwerksinstandsetzung mit Sanierputz
Verwendete Produkte
KÖSTER NB 1 grau
KÖSTER Polysil TG 500
KÖSTER Reparaturmörtel NC
KÖSTER Sanierputz grau
KÖSTER SB-Haftemulsion
KÖSTER Silikonfarbe weiß
Ausführendes Unternehmen
Vasil Build 
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